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About UTI E-Drops

UTI E-Drops Long History

Dr. Robert About UTI E-Drops – Discover Magazine
(Doctor Robert didn't know that he was talking about the same product with translated name for different markets.)

"Very few antibiotic will help with urinary tract infection caused by certain strains of e.coli. Non will help with ESBL strain of this bacteria. Overuse of antibiotics is main cause of development of superbugs such as MRSA or ESBL that are resistant to any known antibiotic.

Recommended alternative solutions such as cranberry products, or d-mannose will help just to the certain point with very week infections of 10000 or less bacterias per ml.

Two natural products that actually have significant impact on strong UTI caused by e.coli are Croatian E-kapi, and Canadian product called UTI E-Drops. Both contain extract from juniperus communis with mixture of other herbs that have very strong antibacterial properties. I had opportunity to practice in North America and Europe, and I did witness both product eliminating infections where multiply antibiotics failed!"

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History of UTI-E Drops

UTI E drops is the most recognized product by late Dr. Enes Hasanagic who was a PhD in chemistry and medicine, as well as leading expert in medicinal herbs and essential oils in former Yugoslavia. Product is invented as a natural UTI herbal remedy for those with severe and recurring bladder infections.  Mixture of herbal extracts in UTI E-drops contain molecules with antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Beside actively killing bacteria such as e.coli, UTI E-Drops also form a thin protective layer on the walls of the bladder and the rest of urinary tract to prevent growth of bacteria. For those who want to avoid antibiotics, UTI E-Drops are an effective choice..

This is a naturopathic medicine in the form of liquid that can be mixed with water or tea. Ministry of Health Canada approved this natural product in 2010. Countries of European Union, and few other countries outside of EU have approved UTI E-Drops for use.
Today this natural product for urinary tract infection is known and available worldwide. 
Drops are used since 1989 and they have a long safety record. As we have to follow Ministry of Health rulings, we have to advise pregnant women and children not to take UTI E-Drops without consulting medical professional first. However, after almost 30 years on the market there haven't been any critically adverse effects that are recorded or reported after using this natural product. During war in former Yugoslavia the absence of medicinal personnel and any other UTI medications, drops were given successfully even to babies only 6 months old. Those were extreme situations and times, and we do not advise or recommend UTI E-Drops to be used in any other way than what is recommended and approved by the Ministry of Health. 

UTI drops side effects

UTI E-Drops are on the market since 1989 and so far there are no known UTI E Drops side effects.
Some users reported getting acid reflux after using the product. In this case you can take a little of baking soda after drinking them or any other acid reflux remedy.

As we mentioned before: children and pregnant women should always consult medical professional before taking any medication and supplements. 

UTI E-Drops offers UTI sufferers the following advantages:

  • No artificial ingredients, no gluten, no sugar, no animal ingredients 
  • Natural herbal extracts,  juniper, lavender, eucalyptus and Siberian pine needle mixed together and dissolved in ethanol.
  • Formulated for fast absorption, and quick relief from pain
  • Simple to use. Mix with water and drink 15 minutes before meal
  • Antibacterial and antiseptic properties to not only prevent bacteria growth, but to also eliminate existing bacteria
  • Perfect mixture of proven herbs for best results
  • UTI E-Drops approved by Ministries of Health for many countries
  • All ingredients are on the FDA’s GRAS list.

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