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Different versions 
of UTI E-Drops

There are a few different versions of UTI E-Drops available around the world. For people who search online for information on these products, can find it a little confusing. This web page is created to clarify what differences and similarities are among the different versions and which one is best choice for you.

Different version of UTI E-Drops

Different versions of Natural-E UTI E-Drops on worldwide markets

UTI E-Drops Regular

Regular UTI E-Drops:

This version is the best UTI solution for most users. It is approved by the Ministry of Health Canada as well as many European countries. This version has been in distribution since 1989 and has a long safety and effective record. The original name of this product is E-Kapi. When it was first produced in Canada in 2012, the name was simply translated to eDrops. To avoid confusion with vitamin E on the shelves in health food stores, UTI abbreviation was added to the English name.  
It contains a mixture of herbal extracts dissolved in alcohol. This is the preferred version for those who seek natural treatment for urinary tract infection and without antibiotics.  

UTI E-drops regular version

UTI Drops Preferred Nutrition

UTI Drops Preferred Nutrition:

This is the same usage and efficacy as Regular UTI E-Drops, produced for our Canadian distributor Preferred Nutrition. This version is sold without a box package in health food stores and pharmacies across Canada. Because of the label design sometime name UTI Drops is used instead of UTI E Drops. You can find a directory here of all the Canadian shops selling UTI Drops.  

Owners of shops and pharmacies can contact Preferred Nutrition Inc. to inquire about selling this product.

153 Perth St. Acton, ON, L7J 1C9
Phone for retail shops: 519-853-1118
Order Desk for retail shops: 1-888-826-9625

UTI E-Drops sold by Preferred Nutrition

UTI E-Drops2 - Prevention

Profilactic UTI E-Drops2

UTI E2-Drops are developed as prophylactic natural help against recurring urinary tract infections. While regular UTI E-drops are taken when you want to combat current ongoing infection, UTI E2-Drops are used as prevention to stop or slow down recurring bladder infections. They should be taken only once or twice a day.
Currently E2-Drops are sold in Europe and the Canadian NPN# is pending and expected to be available on the North American market end of January 2018.
They can be ordered online at our international shopping cart.
Contains mixture of herbal extracts dissolved in alcohol.

UTI E2-Drops prevention version


UTI E-Drops. When you really get it. 

PLUS version of UTI E-Drops is developed for those who suffer from extreme infections with 10,000,000+ bacteria per ml. of urine, as well as males with prostate infections. This is our most potent formulation currently available in Europe or in our international shopping cart. Health Canada NPN# is pending and the expected release date for the North American market is end of January 2018. Not many female users will need the PLUS version of our product. Regular UTI E-Drops will do just fine for the majority of users.

Contains mixture of herbal extracts dissolved in alcohol.

Plus version of UTI E-Drops

‚ÄčE-Drops NANO

E-Drops NANO, drops with modern scientific kick.

While we pride ourselves with our traditional UTI remedies prepared with all natural ingredients (as all natural products should be), we decided to call for help from the very best in submicron enhancement technology for our NANO version. Two of the top scientists in the field of nanoemulsions for faster and more efficient absorption, Dr Joseph Schwarz and Dr Michael Weisstapir helped us to create the NANO version of our product.

No nanoparticles are used with this technology nor is there any nanomaterial in the bottle of our drops. Where does the word nano come from then?

Nanoemulsion is created when drops are mixed with water just before you drink it. This process will break active ingredients into nanoparticles that are 300 to 3000 times smaller than a blood cell.

Absorption already starts in your mouth and under your tongue before you swallow it. This makes nano version very fast acting and the release of UTI symptoms is much faster. This version is already approved by the Ministry of Health Canada. Besides the fact that the nano version got an NPN# (natural product number) from Health Canada, some might argue that not all ingredients are natural.

Active medicinal ingredients in nano version are the same as in regular UTI E-Drops. However, to achieve fast absorption following Health Canada approved,  surfactants are used: dl-alpha-Tocopheryl acetate, Acetylated monoglycerides, Polysorbate 20, Polysorbate 60, Soy Lecithin, Sucralose.
This is not a preferred version for hardcore naturalists and they would rather use regular all natural UTI E-Drops. Nano version is used mostly by health practitioners and those that do not mind the tiny amount of approved chemicals in the product.
Because of this delivery method, it has been reported that the NANO version of UTI E-Drops was successfully used against Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria and Lyme disease. However more medical studies are needed and at this time we can recommend the nano version only as an alternative treatment for urinary tract infections. They can be ordered online at our international shopping cart.

Nano version of UTI E-Drops

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